Dynamic Pistol
Dynamic Pistol

The main target of this course is to improve and develop practical skills in the area of using the Pistol.  Final course drills focuses on tactical shooting, to identify and eliminate hazards.

Days of Training: 2 days

Dates: To Be Determined

Minimum students: 3

Maximum students: 6


80 km from Luxembourg city in France

Training during weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Price: 775 euro per person, including:

– gun rental

– 300 rounds of 9 mm / day (600 rounds of 9 mm for 2 days)

– Coffee and sandwiches

Training during the week (from Monday to Friday)

Price: 875 euro per person, including:

– gun rental

– 150 turns of 9 mm / day (300 turns of 9 mm)

– Coffee and sandwiches 


– students can buy additional ammo upon request (price 15 euro/50 rounds)

– for hygiene reasons, students must bring their own ear & eye protection 

– required gear beefed (students bring their own): weapon holster and
magazine pouches, tactical or combat clothing, sturdy tactical belt and
footwear (UF PRO, 5.11, Blackhawk, Helikon)

– upon request, we can provide holster weapon and magazine pouches (rental costs 15 euro).