Date & Duration: 

27 – 29 October 2023 (3 Days)

Price: 1400 euro

Accommodation + 3 meals per day

Location: Poland

Course Purpose:

The primary objective of this specialized training is teaching students how to handle a combined weapons system efficiently while minimizing response duration. Moreover, it helps develop shooting skills for increased precision, enabling participants to gain confidence when working with AR15/Glock platforms. Furthermore, the learners will develop skills for executing tactical shooting maneuvers that are applicable in hazardous surroundings.

Weapons and Ammunition:

The weaponry issued to each student consists not only of a Glock model firearm — available in both nineteen and seventeen variations — but also six-hundred bullets split into two groups: three-hundred designed exclusively for said handgun(s), and another trio-of-hundreds usable within rifles chambering either five-five-six OR seven-six-two. At the shooting range is where you can expect to attend your training.

Methods of Teaching:

The class is instructed through both theoretical and practical exercises. A classroom has been designated for theoretical lectures, whereas practical exercises will take place on the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Qualification for this role requires that a candidate has completed either Combine Firearms Course, Dynamic Pistol and CQB course. Students who wish to take part in this activity will be expected to arrive equipped with their own tactical or combat apparel that includes a durable belt/gloves combo alongside knee pads/eye protection. In addition to appropriate clothing for the climate and conditions, students must also have active ear protection.

Training Program:

A trio of intense training sessions span the entire program, Day one is dedicated to exploring everything about Glock. The second day shifts its attention towards AR15/AK47. On Day 3 there are advanced dynamic drills included. . The training covers advanced techniques too, including managing malfunction scenarios amidst numerous targets while utilizing available covers, followed by training on tactical transition movements even under stressful circumstances.

For more info and reservations, please send an email to or direct inquires on website.

The Law Enforcement or Military personnel can attend to this training with no proof of previous training, and they have 20% discount.