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Module Advanced: ///- France 
Module Instructor: To Be Determined – ESA Training Center Poland
The full price for the ESA Pistol Instructor course is 3500 euro.
Each module must be paid with at least 1 month in advance.
ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course

Course Info

The objective of ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course is designed to bring to the participants the latest tactical shooting training standards to self-improve or enhance already existing foundation and take it to another operational level. 

Train the Trainer concept of the course will equip participants in the ability to not only be a descent shooter by themselves, but most importantly – be able to transfer this knowledge to other students.

This is an opportunity for instructors already operating in different fields to increase instructor qualifications by learning the concept of ESA, which has over 20 years of methodological and teaching experience in training the military, police and security personnel.

Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum handgun skills required for the specific class may be removed from training. 

Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.


This training course is exclusively organized by ESA Benelux – with Romulus Mihu being the Senior Instructor & Assessor, and is designed for the current or prospective Firearms Instructor ONLY in Benelux Area, from law enforcement and/or civilian training organizations. 

You must have documentation of successful completion, at least, of an entry level pistol skills program either from a law enforcement agency or civilian training facility.

Attendees will receive the Pistol Instructor diploma when they will pass the module “Instructor”.

Attendees who will achieve Instructor Level will be able to run courses under European Security Academy umbrella, ONLY in Benelux Area and ONLY for pistol, and also, they can request at ESA Benelux certificates for their students who passed the local course, done under ESA name, at a cost of 25 euro/certificate.

Attendees who will achieve Instructor Level will be entitled to a 15% discount at any course organized by European Security Academy in Poland or/and ESA Benelux in Benelux Area.

The ESA Pistol Instructor Course for Benelux Area is structured in 3 modules (active LEO/MIL will do the module “Instructor LEO/MIL):

  1. Module Basic – main characteristic: weapon manipulation & static shooting from OWB – 4 days.
  2. Module Advanced – main characteristic: weapon manipulation from OWB & IWB in dynamic environment, shooting behind barricades, cars shooting tactics and working in buddy team – 4 days.
  3. Module Instructor – main characteristic how to detect the common & specific individual mistakes and improve the shooting skills of new and/or average shooters – 4 days.
  4. Module Instructor LEO/MIL (reserved only for active LEO/MIL and ONLY them can apply) – includes specific police tactics for usage of the firearms, weapon retention and Arrest & Restrain Tactics in conjunction with the firearm – 4 days.

Attendees will receive a detailed program of training before each module course start.

Modules “Basic & Advance” will take place in Benelux Area; “Instructor” and “LEO/MIL Instructor” modules will take place at ESA Training Center in Poland, with Mr. Thomas Bryl – ESA Chief of Operations, as higher authority in final decision for obtaining ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor qualification for Benelux Area.

At the end of each module attendees must to pass written and shooting exam. 

The time between each module will be 1-2 months, and each attendee will have specific tailored subjects which he must to exercise them in this time.

The full price for the ESA Pistol Instructor course is 3500 euro. Each module must be paid with at least 1 month in advance.

Students who will fail the exam at the end of each module, they can repeat the module training at the cost of 75% from normal cost of the module.

ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course
ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course

Course Outline

European Security Academy wants to ensure that all attendees have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet course standards. 

We also understand that each shooter is different and each shooter learns at a different level. 

Therefore, qualification standards allow students to quickly assess their abilities in a controlled environment in order to prepare them for the next level of training.  

This shooting qualification is specifically developed to test the skills, safety, and techniques taught in this course.

The following is a course outline of what you can expect to cover:

  • European Security Academy Principles of Firearms Training
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Objective Based Training Methodology
  • Principles of adult learning
  • Performance based training vs outcome-based training
  • Equipment analysis and selection
  • Safe Gun Handling in any environment
  • Skill coaching development
  • Concepts of Team teaching 
  • Course design and structure
  • Shooter Inoculation
  • Target selection and scoring
  • Lesson plan development
  • Application of different sight pictures
  • Trigger manipulation isolation drills
  • Transitions from target to target
  • Use of Cover/Barricades 
  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Single hand shooting and manipulations
  • Shooting on the move
  • Range operations
  • Retraining the marginal shooter
  • Alternative methods of firearms training
  • Standard and no-standard CTE’s (Critical Task Evaluations)

Students will be evaluated on their overall performance within the entire course, based on the following criteria:

  • Safety protocols
  • Firearms skills and proficiency,
  • Ability to learn and apply new skills
  • Display proficiency in running a live fire range
  • Display the ability to teach and coach students
  • Design courses of fire and demonstrate them properly
  • Understand and apply corrective actions for problem shooters
  • Have a reasonable understanding of European Security Academy Principles
  • Have a reasonable understanding of the E.D.I.P. concept (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate & Practice)
  • Have a reasonable understanding of performance-based training

Dynamic Pistol

Range Response Medical Training

This one day course is specifically made for shooting instructors, RSO’s, match directors and shooting enthousiasts. Students will learn how to identify and react to severe and minor injuries related to shooting training.

Subject covered in this course:

  • Know the medical background of the students
  • Selecting the proper medical kit as an instructor
  • Medical range briefing
  • Alarming the emergency services
  • Patient assesment
  • Major and moderate bleeding response
  • Chest wounds
  • Impaled objects
  • Minor and severe burns
  • Shock threatment
  • How to deal with spraint ankles and broken bones, splinting
  • Eye injuries
  • Anaphylaxia and threatment with epinephrine injector
  • Environmental emergencies

Students will also be required to pass a written exam. All of the above factors combined with the student’s overall demeanour, attitude, and teaching ability will be taken into consideration and leveraged with the utmost discretion. 

The lead Instructor of the course will have the final say on which attendee passed the module. 

If it is determined that the student will not pass the module, the instructor will provide a detailed explanation of why. 

The instructor will also give the student advice on how to improve their overall performance for future instructor level courses.

Equipment List 

  • Pistol in good working order with 3 magazines minimum
  • Belt mounted, dominant side holster
  • Magazine pouch’s belt mounted
  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5″ wide
  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
  • Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for training in any weather
  • Hydration system/water bottle
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (for the module’s done in the summer)
  • Hat with a brim, baseball cap
  • Hearing protection and wrap-around eye protection
  • Note taking materials and highlighter

For more info and reservations, please send an email at or direct inquires on ESA BENELUX Facebook page.

ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course