Intro to BAS Combat System
Intro to BAS Combat System
Intro to BAS Combat System
Intro to BAS Combat System

Date & Duration:

/// (3 Days)

Location:  ESA Training Center Poland

Price: 1300 euro

Intro to BAS Combat Systems:

“Being ready for your own death as well as for killing others are the two sides of the same thing…”

Dr. Andrzej Bryl

The BAS combat system was developed in 1980 by Dr. Andrzej Bryl on the basis of his long term military experience.

It is a tactical fighting system of close combat which draws from the eastern martial arts only the elements which are most efficient and simplest, by which it forms a collection of techniques of opponent neutralization. It was designed to be used by the army in war conditions and by the special subunits of the Police in the fight against terrorism.

The basis of the BAS system is the psychological and mental preparation and its main aim/motto is to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible. Most of the techniques used by the BAS system are not permitted in martial „sports”.

They include:

  • Special techniques of close combat which cause permanent mutilation and injuries causing death, also with the use of a bayonet and shovel.
  • Tactics and techniques of close combat fighting with the use of short weapons.

In 1982, after its official demonstration at the Academy of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, it was deemed inhumane, too brutal and dangerous to be fully incorporated into the training systems of the army and the police.

For this reason, in 1987, after the elimination of the techniques which caused danger to life, this extraordinarily efficient system of fighting live force in close combat was, in its BAS-2 version, adapted to counter-terrorist warfare and military operations of subunits of special forces.

The massive interest and the need for the use of the selected BAS techniques in protection services, caused, in 1991, the formation of a civil version of the BAS system for the intervention and protection services as well as convoy services but especially for agents, operators and personal protection agents..

This training system, based on instinct reactions – simple, efficient and proven in direct combat methods – BAS 3 has been for 15 years a methodological and training basis for personal protection teams.

After many successful international demonstrations of the BAS-3 system in countries such as the US, the Republic of South Africa and Russia, it has become the leading element of the training program used at the European Security Academy.

Course Purpose:

The course is designed to teach our students how to operate under stress and in hostile situations. Given the rise in terrorism/rioting/cataclysms/extremism etc. The world is becoming a dangerous place, and the course aims at giving the students the knowledge and mindset to survive, protect and save the people around him.

This course is fast paced with 90% practical training time to prepare students to handle the most challenging hostile situations. Please read below what we are going to cover in this course.

Weapons & Ammunition:


AMMUNITION: 9mm – 250 rds. / Simunition rds. – 100

Methods of teaching:

This Course will be taught using hard practical exercises.

The Course will be given on the ESA Training Center with the use of ESA equipment. The course includes intense physical and mental stress. Morning exercises and a lot of actual hand to hand combat. We do not recommend people with injuries attending the course.

Skill Pre-requisites:

The candidate should have basic weapon handling skills and martial arts knowledge.

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt, tactical or combat clothing and footwear (UF PRO, 5.11, Blackhawk, Helikon…), ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15/AK47 magazines, eye protection (shooting goggles), active ear protection, tactical gloves and knee pads. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions. Sports clothing for gym, mouth and groin protection, MMA gloves.

Training Program:

Day 1  

• Introduction to BAS System elements

• Basic hand-to-hand combat

• Firearms drills drills

Day 2

• Self defense scenarios

• Use of knives in conjuction with a weapon

• Active shooter drills

Day 3

Evaluation day

• Force on force drills

• Different hostile scenarios

• Defensive and retention shooting

• Certification

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