Date and Duration: /// (3 Days)

Price: 1100 euro

Location: E.S.A. Training Center Poland

Course Purpose: With the development of technology, and the need for accurate fire at various distances, in varying light and environmental conditions, the ESA Benelux has developed the – Red Dot Sight Pistol Operator course.

Topics Covered:

– Red dot zeroing.
– Optic parts and how they work
– Mounting and zeroing
– End-user maintenance
– Armorer-level maintenance
– Modes of Practice: Speed mode/Accuracy Mode/Real Mode
– Draw and presentation – how to stop “fishing” for dot
– Dot tracking: Grip, stance, dot movement, predictability
– Shooting with target focus
– Optic failure/back up iron sight transitions
– Red dots up close – 5m and in.
– Red dots at distance.
– Engaging moving targets
– Marksmanship and precision shooting
– Low-light environments with MRDS
– Dot tracking during multiple round/multiple target engagements
– Holster and accessory selections
– Open and Concealed setups
– Use of MRDS in scenario-based

Weapons and Ammunition:

WEAPONS: any semiautomatic pistol with a RDS installed.

ESA Benelux can provide a limited number of pistols with RDS installed, prior booking and full course payment is required.

AMMUNITION: 9mm – 500 rds.

Skill & Equipment Prerequisites: Safe gun handling skills with a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

It is recommended each student has taken, or takes prior to RDS Pistol Transition Course, a Tactical or Dynamic Pistol course from

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Bring your own safety glass & ear protection, if you have your own Glock holster and mags pouch. Safe and reliable holster (no Serpas or old leather holsters).

For more info and reservations, please send an email at or direct inquires on

ESA Pistol Shooting Instructor Course