Date & Duration:

18-24 August 2023 (7 Days) 

Price: 2300 euro

In the price is included:

  • Accommodation + 3 meals per day

Location: POLAND

Course purpose:

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (S.E.R.E.) is a training program best known for its military application. Originally designed for U.S. military personnel’s survival behind enemy lines, the program was also deployed by the U.S. Department of Defence to civilians and private military contractors. 

The course teaches tactics and techniques enabling students to survive in hostile environments and prevent capture. In case of capture, SERE helps the student to maintain lucidity, uphold resilience and if the situation permits, escape. 

SERE challenges, increase self-confidence, and raises awareness over pre-existing fears. 

Groups develop good teamwork and cohesion as they conquer themselves. We also embed fun elements into the training to ensure a good combination of adrenalin and serotonin.

The head instructor will advise and guide participants through these 7 days of an unforgettable experience!

This course is jointly facilitated by ROMULUS MIHU and DELTA SURVIVAL SCHOOL from Luxembourg.

Weapons & Ammunition:

AMMUNITION: 9 mm – 150 rds. / 5.56 mm or 7.62 – 150 rds.

Methods of teaching: 

This Course combines theoretical and practical exercises. 

The lectures will be conducted in the classroom, outdoors, and on the shooting range. 

Skill Pre-requisites: 

The candidate IS NOT required to possess prior experience with firearms or survival skills. 

VERY IMPORTANT: students MUST HAVE, for him(/her)self, THE NEXT ITEMS:

  • Eye protection with a clear lens (shooting goggles).
  • Active ear protection, NOT simple ear plugs.
  • Green or blue chemlights /glowstick
  • Headlamp +1 fully charged or battery-powered handheld flashlights 
  • Robust walking boots/shoes or similar, preferably with ankle support 
  • Trousers – outdoor/active (lightweight) – 2 Pairs
  • T-shirt – +2 Pairs
  • Jacket + Hat or cap
  • Gloves – 1 x thin (active) 
  • Poncho (green)
  • Backpack / Sleeping bag / Mat / Tarp
  • Rope / Paracord
  • Casual clothes (spares, including footwear for once the course has ended)
  • Tick / Insect repellent (obligatory)
  • Pen & Notebook
  • Toilet paper
  • 1 Pack of 6 bottles of water (1.5L) 

PLEASE NOTE: All of your clothing and equipment must be appropriate to the environment and the time of year. 

Training Program:

SERE will have 3 phases:

  • Academic training
  • Survival / Evasion
  • Resistance lab

Academic training

Academic training is 3 days of training and includes:

  • Survival Skills (Hostile environment)
  • Basic land navigation
  • Weapon fundamentals and handling
  • Bootcamp
  • Self-defense techniques
  • Code of conduct

Survival / Evasion
After academic training participants will hit the dirt and demonstrate their knowledge in practice. The off-grid practice consists of survival in an unfamiliar wild environment, where they must set up their camp and move to designated locations using land navigation skills while being undetected.

Resistance Lab

Information about resistance lab is classified 


  • Phase 1: Possible wake-up call
  • Phase 2: sleep depends on how well participants will be hidden in the bushes
  • Phase 3: No sleep


  • Phase 1: Well feed (3 times per day)
  • Phase 2: Food depends on how well participants will hunt in the wild for edible plants or animals
  • Phase 3: No Food

Shooting Training – 1 Day 

  • Firearms Safety & Marksmanship Fundamentals Presentation 
  • Dry Drills – pistol & AR15/AKM.
  • Team Basic Live Fire Exercises – pistol & AR15/AKM.
  • 2 Man Team Live Fire Exercises – pistol & AR15/AKM.

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